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Offering mobile filtration equipment, portable filter carts, clamps, flanges, accumulators, valves, diagnostic quick disconnects, gauges, adaptors, and so much more, from Stauff Corporation, Sentinel Fluid Controls is proud to be an authorized Stauff distributor.

Why choose Sentinel as your source for Stauff Corporation products?
Because you want somebody with the expertise to design, and build the right Stauff product into, the best solution for your specific application. You also want somebody with the experience to match and quickly supply the right replacement part when you need it. The right solution means longer life, less down time, better productivity and a higher return on your investment.

We distribute Stauff Corporation products in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. There are pages on this site for these regional offices.

You can get more information about Stauff Corporation from their website. Just click on the link below to go directly to their site;

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